Training with an Electric Collar

[ Book extract, page 88 ]

The electric collar should only be used when you have tried all the other manual means of education, that is to say as a last resort.

I do not use the electric collar for training, but exceptionally on already trained dogs who need to be brought back to earth.
It is effective in cases of danger: crossing a road for example, or when the dog goes unnecessarily far in the pursuit of game.

You must then use the collar so that the dog thinks that it is a supernatural power that hurts it. The dog must absolutely not guess that you are the source of this electric shock …

Prefer a line to train your hunting dog

The most effective way to avoid the electric collar and the one which shocks your companion the least is the long line.
Attach a short cord, just over three metres long, to the dog’s collar.

Such a lead extends your reach to the dog, it creates a sort of umbilical cord giving you permanent communication and allows you to intervene as the need arises.

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