The Teachings of Patrick Morin

What is a pointer dog?
– The instinct of pointing can be improved
– What does a pointing dog?

How to reduce the aggressiveness of a dog?
– Know how to punish your dog

How to make your dog obey?
– The basic commands of dog training

Initiation of the puppy to the hunt
– When starting to take a small dog in the wild?
– At what age do you take a puppy to hunt?

My dog ​​does not retrieve
– Make the dog walk with game in the mouth
– Sometimes the dog does not want to let the game go​​does-not-retrieve/

The dog must learn very early the woodcock hunting
– Make the dog familiar to the woodcock scent

Overcoming the shyness of the dog
– Give enthusiasm to your puppy

The pointer
– What is a pointer?
– The different categories of pointers
– The natural qualities of the pointer
– The Breton spaniel is an excellent pointer
– Training, or education of the pointer
– The reference book on dog training

Brittany spaniel
– Origin and history of the Brittany Spaniel dog
– The characteristics of the Brittany Spaniel
– The hygiene and care of the Breton spaniel
– The education of the Breton spaniel
– The reference book on the Breton spaniel
– The Breton spaniel in short

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