Patrick Morin, Keranlouan Breeder


Patrick Morin
Breeder in Brittany

Patrick Morin, son of the undisputed master of breeders and of Brittany Spaniels training in the 1960s, has always lived among hunting dogs. He participated from his young age in their awakening.

Surprisingly, the child is naturally in symbiosis with the sensitive puppies that his father considers to be unfit for training to forced obedience. He is fond of those called «tocards », revolted by the treatment that is imposed to them. Thanks to the attention given, puppies are making rapid progress. « Between little ones, we understand each other ».

Patrick realizes that dogs are sensitive, intelligent beings who will give the best of themselves if their master knows how to understand them. Gradually, he develops a new method of education that ensures the development of the dog so that he can express what he has best in him.
He is so out of step with what is usually done that this questioning of “traditional” dressage methods will not facilitate his beginning of professional breeder . But he will make up his personality in adversity.

And he resists thanks to this unshakable mutual love with his “babies“. This permanent exchange with them is still today his daily oxygen.

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