My Dog Ranges to Far

One could call it the big quest

The dog’s sense of smell is better than its hearing.

When you call your dog, when the pet can’t see you, his perceptions as to the source of the call gives him problems.
Take the test: call someone out of your sight, fifty meters away, in the forest. Ask him to call you back.
You will find that most of the time you’re wrong about where the call is coming from.
Don’t be surprised if your dog reacts by going in another direction and goes even further on the second call, especially if he has a bell and / or a beeper ringing in his ears

It is a case of the more you continue to call it, the more you will confuse it !

Faced with these incessant calls, the dog is agitated, irritated, worried, you confuse it.

Try to call him only once or twice, no more, and wait. You will have the pleasant surprise to see that your dog will inevitably find you thanks to his infallible tool : his sense of smell.

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