Teaching a Dog to Honor or Back

[ Book extract, page 180 ]

A dog backs or honors when he goes on point after seeing another dog also pointing game …

Originally, the Brittany Spaniel was a very proud and somewhat jealous dog, he hated being robbed of the fruits of his labour.

Also, from the moment he was on point and another dog came up to him, because he was in charge he had to move forward.

The careful selective breeding with setters allowed him to learn respect for the other dog.

If your dog does not back or honor, one must awaken this faculty.

For this, it is good to have a an experienced dog as a mentor, on point to game enclosed in a flight box or cage.

Bring your dog forward on a long line. As soon as he smells the game, he gets upset because he wants to get to it before the other. Calm him down by saying, “Shhht … Wait”.

He must stop at: “Wait!” Then have him sit for two minutes, with a new order:
“Wait! “

Then release the bird from the flight box so that your dog can see that the mentor has game in front of him.

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