How to make your dog obey ?

Basic dog training commands


In an area devoid of natural obstacles, the dog runs without thinking

The basis of training is based on the connection you need to create between you and your dog.

In fact, you have to establish a level of complicity by conditioning the dog to want to obey you.

To achieve this, it is important to take into account three fundamental elements :

1- The dog has instinct to chase..
You have to use this instinct to bring the dog to you. For example, coming back from a ride, if you face him near your vehicle, he will understand that this is the end of the festivities.

On the other hand, if instead of stopping near the car, you head towards the neighboring field, the dog will come towards you hoping to continue the walk. Always connected to you, you will recover it more easily.

In many other cases the use of the instinct in the pursuit will facilitate the connection with your dog for a real complicity.


Brake command with the dog increases your command power

2- The second fundamental element is to take into account the environment in which you are.

In an area devoid of natural or artificial obstacles, the animal runs without thinking and becomes immature if it is allowed to intoxicate in these large spaces.

It is best to start your hunting day in relatively tight places, a tall grass meadow, a wood, so the dog will naturally settle on you.

Then, when he has let off steam, you can move on to an open area.

3- The third fundamental element is the brake command.

It will allow you to increase your command power. Your dog tends to go far ahead of you, to keep him at the right distance, rather than yelling at him: “Wait !!! “Slide him:” Shhhhh, shhhh, shhh … wait. “

Regular brake command exercises will multiply your intervention power by two, four or ten, depending on the quality of your conditioning.

I develop these elements in the chapter “The basic commandments of dressage” page 37 in my book “Les secrets des Keranlouan”.

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