Overcoming the shyness of the dog


Understand why your dog is shy

The more shy a puppy is, the more careful attention should be paid to it.

Give him affection by petting him 4, 5 times a day but not more.

Prefer to stroke her stomach rather than her back.

On the stomach, you bring warmth and comfort, while an awkward gesture on the back can be interpreted as bullying.

Human warmth comes from below and bullying from above.

In addition, avoid speaking loudly to your dog and making sudden movements.

Passionate your puppy


Pet the dog on the stomach rather than on the back

Try to find an activity that may interest your puppy.

Put up games with him.

If you can get him passionate about an action, use this asset to fill up his psychological gaps.

For example, your puppy is scared in your house, but when you go out, it takes a lot of fun to go and get a cuddly toy that you throw away, practice this exciting game in the house.

A shy dog is like a depressed person, he is sensitive to external factors. When his mind is focused on a subject that fascinates him, he is much less attentive to his environment.

The more passionate you are about them, the more daring they will become in places where they are likely to be afraid.

Multiply the opportunities to do with your dog things that please him, these shared moments will furnish his mind, then fulfill his dreams while erasing his fears.

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