The dog must learn very early the woodcock hunting


It is when he is very young that a dog should be trained to hunt woodcock.

It is necessary to start by bringing the dog to chase nose on the ground in a provided vegetation, so that it captures the fumes of the game on the ground.

It is when he is very young that a dog must be trained to hunt woodcock. As with the bicycle or a foreign language, everything that is learned when you are a child is integrated naturally and for life.

Conditioning the dog to woodcock fumes


Agatha de Keranlouan stopping in front of the woodcock

The dog must be conditioned to the indirect fumes left by the bird after touching the vegetation or the ground.

Very quickly, the dog will become sensitive to the smell of the woodcock, he will realize that it tends to hide behind the stumps, embankments, or streams.

When the dog will understand that the bird goes to apnea (motionless, blocking its breathing so as not to release any more fumes), it will be more and more delicate in its quest for the odor left by the bird the instant of before.
He will wait until the woodcock releases its emanation.

In the book www.les-secrets-des-keranlouan , I explain the behavior of the woodcock in the face of predators, and the different emanations that it can produce.

And I tell you why a dog can smell a woodcock 200 meters away..

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