Prize list of Breton Spaniels dogs from the Keranlouan breeding

Keranlouan are dogs in their heads, well in their skin.

I do not devote all my breeder energy on genetics to produce sons and daughters of competition stars.

The worth of the Keranlouan :

  • 30 % related to the pedigree (i.e. the origin of the parents), to their prize list,
  • 30 % related to my attention to the crossing of the characters of the parents. Only the competent person who knew the father and mother in the “virgin” condition (before any form of training) can do it. There is no question for me, to work haphazardly chance.
  • 40 % related to the basic initiation that I bring to the puppy, a progressive work of awakening of his natural qualities. These qualities must be expressed at the appropriate moment in the puppy’s “training”, otherwise its horizon closes in a limited perimeter, frozen and stunted forever.

My goal is to achieve the development of my puppies.
To cover all my bitches I could choose a dog like Hostar Keranlouan who wins a lot of competition s(with the help of my Italian friends).
No ! I prefer to select different males, most of the time not awarded (or not always awarded). The knowledge I have of the origins of my breeders, but also the characters and qualities found when they were young are my base to organise the covering. I take care to produce a good complementarity of genes and characters in order to obtain a descent aimed at excellence for hunting.

Then, when eight weeks old, I take the puppies out into the wild to discover their assets and help them to develop their own potential. I can offer each client a puppy that matches his expectations.

If I sold one of my dogs for breeding, I would deceive the buyer and his future customers, because the babies produced will have only 30% of the assets of a Keranlouan from my breeding.

Ranking in number of champions produced

1er. de Keranlouan (73 champions)

2. de Saint Tugen (64 champions)

3. des Bords de l’Isle (54 champions)

4. du Bois de Vauchelles (37 champions)

5. de Saint Lubin (35 champions)

6. de Cornouaille (34 champions)

7. des Pigenettes (30 champions)

8. de sous les Viviers (24 champions)

9. de Cotignac (16 champions)

10. du Mas de la Combe(15 champions)

Ranking in number of work titles

1er. de Keranlouan (108 titres)

2. du Bois de Vauchelles (66 titres)

3. de Saint Lubin (44 titres)

4. de l’écho de la forêt (23 titres)

5. de Saint Tugen (23 titres)

6. des Genêts de l’Azur (20 titres)

7. du Mas de la Combe (19 titres)

8. de sous les viviers (18 titres)

9. de la Source aux Perdrix (17 titres)

10. des Pigenettes (15 titres)

From 2014 to 2016, Keranlouan Breeding has won six working and four beauty champions.


The above information is based on the contents of the database « Champions Briton Spaniels » from 1947 until June 28, 2014.
The ranking of the farms that produced the greater number of champions is only indicative, because they mix old and recent breedings, missing or existing, small and large structures.
In fact, it cannot in any way reflect the percentage of champions from the production of a given breeding or the number of dogs presented in the league to obtain these titles.
(Source : Brittany Spaniel Club)

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