Curing a Gun Shy Dog

You have to be very careful not to scare a young dog.

Fear of gunfire is caused by human clumsiness or by inappropriate training.

Above all, you have to give confidence to a young dog. Let him discover game first, let him go wild.
Thus, after a few outings, the student obsessed with the search for game will attach less importance to external factors, especially if at the time of the gunshot, he is running behind game.
He will then have no reaction to the detonation.

How to restore confidence to a traumatized dog?

[Book extract, page 188]

Unfortunately if the dog does not react at all to the sight of moving game, the hope of curing him is extremely thin.

It is necessary to reset his vocation as a hunting dog, help his genes re-appear, to stop him paying attention to what is going on around him and as a result to not be aware of the shot.

Passion then prevails over reason. At the same time every evening give him a sound like clapping your hands when you feed him.
Gradually increasing the strength of the sound, a light blow on a cooking pan, then a little blow, then one a lot stronger before something like a ‘party popper’ (indoor banger). Finally a shotgun.

Do not rush the steps.

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