Initiation of the puppy to the hunt

The puppy must discover nature as soon as possible

When to start taking a small dog into the wild ?

I wean puppies completely from eight weeks.

After a few days, the arrival of the man has a primary interest for the puppies since he brings them the bottle on behalf of the mom.
Puppies are attracted to humans. (…)

The most important basic natural quality is the pursuit instinct, that is to say the effect of movement caused by the man who moves, but also by animals …

They pass through brambles, ferns, jump over small branches, bypass shrubs, end up crossing a small stream. As the puppies cross the hurdles, they are proud of them. Gaming becomes a passion.

Then they discover the butterflies, the wren, run after the robins …

At what age do you take a puppy to hunt ?

In freedom in the nature, the puppy will gain confidence outside its place of life

From 3 months, I start to train my “babies” behind a monitor (an adult dog) so that they declare themselves stopped.

The puppy will follow the monitor to take the emanation of the game.

A puppy can hunt as soon as he is motivated, that is to say from 4 months in easy places, for a maximum of one hour, making his work easier at the start.

Warning ! if at one year old the dog is not really motivated, one risks, by making him hunt, to meet problems like the fear of the shot.

More information on this subject in the video of Patrick Morin, on his site “L’Élevage de Keranlouan”, by clicking here : At what age should you take your dog for hunting ?

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