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I bought your book one night by chance. Wife of a hunter, my dogs are hunters with my husband but not with me… They are part of the family entirely, to my husband’s great despair… But I reassure you, they hunt very very very well.
I loved your book because it allowed me to better understand my dogs and then be able to consider them differently…
My husband stole the book from me during our holidays and devoured it in one day. He has learned lessons from it, he will apply them to his next dog, and maybe he will contact you by email for some questions…
The pictures are beautiful and I hope one day to come and see your breeding….
May this book give lessons to many hunters who, in fact, are not.
There are no bad dogs, there are only bad hunters… Magali Ruiz

Good morning, Mr. Morin.
I’ve been following your videos for a while, and now I’m in the middle of reading “the secrets of the Keranlouan”.
I wanted to congratulate you on your work. For me you have understood everything about the way puppies are raised.
You are a role model for me. I’m trying to be inspired by your advice. You have all my admiration and respect.
Friendly in Saint Hubert.

The Keranlouan breeding is one of the references in the world of “Bretons”.
Selection is certainly a major factor, but it is the way it is conducted that determines the result.
As well as the adage: “good hunter, good dog”! “Mr. MORIN’s questioning about the choice of a very early and targeted education for each puppy, shows well that in the end there are only very few bad dogs, but many more bad masters!
It is not enough to foolishly enforce orders on an animal to get the best out of it. And that, many people are not aware of it.
This is where Patrick MORIN’s book can help them. Observing and understanding your dog should be the basis of education, of which this book provides the basis.
These tracks are applicable to all breeds.
I had the opportunity to see Mr. MORIN at work during a “field” on wild grey partridges in Sanssac l’église, but my shyness prevented me from approaching him. I hope to have the opportunity to guide him one day in these fields and to express my gratitude for his work. S.T.

Splendid!!!!!!! What wonderful dogs these little Keranlouans are!
Our Keranlouan Neo is at the top! Thank you Mr. Morin and his team. – Isabelle Bourgeoisat-Callewaert

I have a great respect for Patrick Morin who produces Breton hunting spaniels for hunters from all the provinces of France, rather than a spectacular elite for experienced drivers. – Cazenave-Lacrouts Anard

The “God” of the Bretons. And one of the greatest psychologists of all time. – Jacques Morrier

Patrick Morin the great class!!!!! Thank you, sir!!!! – Geoffrey Armand

Hello Mr Morin, it’s beautiful. You are honoured by your work. Snowy is progressing well. Marks the stop, reports, and responds to the reminder, 7 months. – Eric Valenza

The best spaniels breeder in France. – Cyril Genin

I had a glutton for your breeding, super hunter, first game, woodcock, stop, report in hand, at 6 months, extra. – Claude Piedagnel

The dog magician… Respect. – Guillaume Guéant

An exceptional strain. I have a little girl from asco that’s the best. – Philippe Golliot

You are the Messiah of this hunt. – Lucho Baron

Our little Nahila is a little girl of your king Eliot and is already proving to have good reflexes! His intelligence at only 2 and a half months impresses us! – Lauriane Plénière

Congratulations to the race’s elite. – Gégé Lorenzi

Last week at the age of 14.5, I lost my tricolour dog that I had bought from Mr. Morin (he had kept his brother and sister as a sire, probably from the great grandparents of these puppies). This dog has brought me immeasurable happiness during all these seasons of complicity. He was handsome, he was good and of an unparalleled kindness. I was very proud of it so often in front of the praise I received from my friends. I would like to highlight the quality of Mr. Morin’s training and his ability to produce good dogs in their heads, a quality that is essential for pleasure. The pleasure he gave me quickly made me forget the price. – Uncle Ben

There’s no word, it’s the Top. – Stephane Sarrazin

The next Breton, he’ll come from your house. That’s for sure. The Keranlouan are too good not to try 😉 – Romain Desgrouas

Congratulations the Keranlouans are the best… – Muriel Beccaro

I don’t like spaniels but I have to say that the breeder is excellent (great behaviour with dogs). And the dogs of the breeding are admirable hunters. 😉 Bravo Sir. – Gilles Helluy

Well done Mr Morin!!!!! I love your work and your passion. – Lévy Alphonse

Great master. – Marco Byloos

I was lucky enough to have a keranlouan, the dog was exceptional, but it all started with the acquisition, I was guided and advised among the puppies so that I adopted the one with whom I had the best feeling. Thank you to Mr Morin for his advice which has brought me about ten years of happiness with Davy de Keranlouan… – François Gilet

One word “thank you”. – Thierry Mallet

For having seen you work Patrick you are a real maestro… It is a pleasure to see the communion between you and your spaniels still well done. – Jean-claude Canevet

I saw a report on you and your breeding on SEASONS yesterday!!! I was in admiration of your work on three-month-old puppies! Respect Mr. MORIN!!!!! – Setter Twenty Two Hats off, sir. – Hubert Thomas

They are the best. Well done. – Pierre-Jean Brouzes

Sig morin non ci sono ne ci saranno ineguagliabili. – Ilario Gavazzeni

Such a well-deserved success, congratulations Mr Morin. – Cath Brasil

Bravo bravo bravo bravo… – Aydın Özdil

Personally I love the way you raise your puppies and especially the training with love. And it shows from the puppies’ behavior when they see you. – Bruno Lorenzo

Always amazed to see this breeding 🙂 – Axël Derche

I’m a fan because my Ghone from Keranlouan is always like that at 5 1/2 years old. Thank you, Mr. Morin. – Pierre-Jean Brouzes

The real experience by the Breton giant. – Thierry Trisckel Courtais

DR KERANLOUAN. – Odgajivacnica De Balkanjeros

The race of champions. – Mohamed Mimouni

Congratulations Patrick Morin for the work you do with the little Keranlouan. I am always impressed by these talented little dogs, thanks to a good selection of individuals and a good education of the Keranlouan. – Coralie Huguet

In all honesty, you are the pope of the Breton Spaniel breeders! It’s sincere. – Christophe Karine Rous

Beautiful Patrick Morin as always. Thank you for who you are and what you do, it’s wonderful. – Marine Guilard

Patrick Morin, I have always been amazed at what you could do in the woods with your babies… 🙂 I still love your bloodlines as much as ever since Ivry and Lorca! – Patricia Rush

I saw the dog of Mr. Levasseur who comes from your home and the training method you taught him. A delight to watch. – Nicolas Feutry

There would be so much to say about this “God” of the Bretons and the dog in general… To him who has brought me so much, who always brings me as much with kindness, an unlimited benevolence. And how many still have such humility despite the best of the charts? Thank you Patrick Morin for everything you have done for a little Amateur like me. You have allowed me to progress and dream. Not everyone can do the same. – Jacques Morrier

I don’t know of any dog trainer with such a beautiful practice and a great respect for dogs. A dog must hunt with joy, and for the happiness of his master. They must be in symbiosis. – Philippe Michaut

Grande uomo grande allevatore i miglior breton mai a vuti una certezza una favola. – Domenico Croci

Patrick Morin, your kennel is known all over the world. Thank you (& your father) for your dedication to the breed. Many hope to own a Keranlouan pup! Well done… – Gerald Giordano

Gran trabajo Eres un referente para todos los bretoneros. – David Lunacon

A recognized breeding and at its head a formidable man… Well done Patrick – J.C.

Great as always Patrick Morin but still well below the truth! – S.D.

Beautiful puppies. It is also and above all thanks to Mr Morin that they are lively and attentive. This is not given to everyone. Well done, dear Sir. – M.P.

His sense of the dog, his passion, his sharp eye, make him the Pope of Breton.
What he does with his puppies is unique.
But it is also an exceptional breeder who reaps the benefits of his knowledge in terms of selection.
Hats off to the artist. Serge Bonnet

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