My dog ​​does not retrieve


Let the dog walk with the game in the mouth

The dog will not bring back game if it has not had its excitement dose.

The ideal is to make your young dog work on a small paraffin game.

Chasing him will increase his excitement and motivation and when he catches him he will be proud.

Make the dog walk with the game in the mouth

At this time, it is essential to let him walk with it. This presupposes having previously placed a cord of about three meters.

First, you will follow it, then go beyond it so that it follows you.

Do it quickly enough, in a place with vegetation, so that the dog does not catch up with you too quickly, which could cause him to let go of the game.
The goal is to make him walk as much as possible with the game in the mouth, so he will not seek to bury it.

Then, change direction several times by tugging on the cord, using the command: “Come on!”

Finally, you make him come to you with confidence, bringing him against his knees to congratulate him, that he smells of the master, and let him give the game at that moment.

The dog wants to enjoy the outcome of his work

It takes at least ten sessions of five minutes to advance the dog, you can do it with a deliverable (an old pair of socks with a double knot).

Sometimes the dog doesn’t want to let go of the game

The more the master shows that he wants to recover the game, the more the dog will resist and plant his fangs in it.

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