Book Index

Situations experienced and some questions

The turning points of my professional life

The revelation
The brainwave
Other revelations in my professional life
Character mixing and basic initiation

The basic commands of dressage ?

A. The three basic elements
     1°) The instinct to chase
     2°) Areas devoid of natural or artificial obstacles
     3°) The brake command
B . Sharpening and maintenance
C . Areas ofvigilance

Understanding dogs

“This dog will not be any good, we’re returning it!”
When a dog loses his bearings
Forced obedience or conditioned obedience?
Natural obedience

Train younger and younger

Puppies: when passion out strips performance !
Understanding what goes on in a puppy’s head
Awakening a dog’s natural instincts

Competition champions or hunting dogs?

The consequences of handler errors !

“You are a brute, Monsieur Morin!”
The electric collar or th elong line?
There are no immature dogs, but immature humans
Arrival at the hunting grounde
The fear ofgun shot
My bitch does not retrieve
My dog hunts too far away
Depression due to the depersonalisation of the dog
You need to understand that the brittany is proud

External conditions

Atmospheric conditions
Fog and the “metronome”
The importance of the habitat
The different emanations
Why can a dog smell a woodcock 200 meters away?
The wondrous field
Parent-child rivalry

My best and worst memory

That’s it, I’ve got a Keranlouan!
What should I do with my dog when I get home?
A good dog, has to be earned

Evolution of the Brittany :

The history of Keranlouan

Patrick Morin: Canine Education

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions :

  • My dog does not retrieve at all
  • 1a My dog does not find the bird that fell 5 m. in front of me
  • My dog won’t let go of the game
  • My dog does not point, my dog doesn’t hold his point
  • My dog goes too far, does not respond when I call him back
  • My dog does not systematically return to the whistl
  • My dog chases hares (or deer) far away
  • My dog is an escapologist
  • My dog is afraid of gunshots
  • My dog was accustomed to gunshots but is now afraid
  • My dog prefers the fields to the woods
  • My dog is not interested in this type of game
  • My dog is sometimes not interested in hunting
  • My dog tends to follow other hunters, or other dogs
  • My dog does not back or honour
  • My dog is disobedient
  • My dog pulls on the lead
  • My dog tends to attack other dogs
  • My dog is sick in the car
  • My dog jumps up with muddy pawsand dirties me
  • Is the dog that you are offering of good origin?
  • The dog you want to sell me is not confirmed
  • Why has the 18 month sold dog not been sold?
  • I am interested in a good woodcock dog
  • My friend has a remarkable Keranlouan, I want the same
  • I want my dog confirmed

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