Educating dogs, the Keranlouan way
The secrets of success

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« Educating dogs, the Keranlouan way
The secrets of success »

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My book « Les Secrets des Keranlouan »

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Since I became aware that dogs are sensitive, intelligent beings, I never stopped being attentive to their behavior, to understand them better.

So, I was able to develop a new educational method which watches the blooming of the dog by allowing him to express all its potential.

I wish to share my experience and my knowledge, to impart to you my method.

In this book, I share with you my secrets to contribute to the full blooming of your dog by your side.
Patrick Morin

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A fascinating book, rich in wise advice on the education or the training of the dog.

Patrick Morin helps you to analyze the reactions of your puppy and guides you with a lot of pedagogy in gestures (movements) and attitudes which it is advisable to adopt, while developing a beautiful complicity with the animal.

Patrick Morin, Dog Breeder

  Patrick Morin, Dog
  Breeder in Brittany

Patrick Morin, son of the undisputed breeder and Breton Spaniels trainingmaster in the 1960s, always lived among hound dogs. He participated since his youngest age in their awakening.

Strangely, the child puts himself naturally in symbiosis with the sensitive puppies which his father considers unfit for training to forced obedience. He becomes fond of those called "hopeless cases", revolted by the treatment which they are imposed. Thanks to the devoted attention, puppies make fast progress. "As youngsters, we understand each other ".

Patrick becomes aware that dogs are sensitive, intelligent beings which will give the best of themselves if their master knows how to understand them. Little by little, he develops a new educational method which watches the opening of the dog so that he can express the best of himself.
He is so against what is usually done. This opposition to the "traditional" methods of training is not going to facilitate his first steps of professional breeder. But opposition will make up his personality in.
And he stands firm thanks to this unwavering mutual Love with his "babies". This permanent exchange with them is, even today, his daily oxygen.

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